An ode to scented storytelling

The Linen Tutu botanical niche fragrance collection stemmed from a curiousity to understand the intersection of scent, emotion and time. Each scent's name connects their story to a time of day to denote changes in lighting, mood and perspective.

Inspired by the beauty of natural raw materials and the power of scent as an art medium, Linen Tutu founder Daniela Carrasco formulated four unique plant-based perfumes in the Hudson Valley which she now shares with you.

About the designer

Peruvian-American Daniela Carrasco is a trained aromatherapist and an experience designer by trade. Holding an advanced degree from Parsons School of Design, she uses scent as an art medium while tapping into the science of plant therapeutics to create perfume formulations that extend far beyond aesthetics.

Daniela draws inspiration from her personal stories, the human perception of time and the healing properties of nature. One of her constant sources of curiosity is the concept of synesthetic design — the ability to translate a sensory picture into multiple senses. You may see this sprinkled into how we tell stories around our scents.

  • plant-based


    We formulate with essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts and aroma molecules derived from renewable plant sources — and we disclose every ingredient in our formulas.

  • aromatherapist-made


    Each fragrance is blended by artisan perfumer and sensory designer Daniela Carrasco featuring aromatherapeutic ingredients that support mood.

  • sustainability-oriented


    Every decision we make is guided by our values, deeply rooted in long-term sustainability. We are always looking for ways to do more.