Frequently Asked Questions

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What kinds of ingredients are in your perfumes?

Because of our background in plant therapeutics and an artistic itch for formulating with a botanical and biorenewable palette, we chose to create the Linen Tutu debut collection entirely out of natural raw materials. These include essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts and natural aroma molecules.

The natural aroma molecules we use include isolates derived from plant sources and biorenewable raw materials produced through white biotechnology. We are big supporters of white biotech methods used to produce aroma molecules from renewable sources (such as sugar).

Once blended in a formula, the fragrance raw materials described above go through a process of maturation (aging of the fragrance concentrate), and then maceration (aging in alcohol). We use certified organic grain alcohol. 

We always source the highest quality materials we can find and only work with trusted suppliers that maintain high standards when it comes to ingredient transparency and documentation.

Do you use animal products?

We do not use animal products in our fragrances nor do we test on animals. We love our furry friends.

What makes plant-based perfumes different?

While there isn't one universally regulated definition of "plant-based" or "natural" when it comes to perfume. We define plant-based perfume as fragrance that is made up entirely of natural, botanical raw materials.

Many natural raw materials are beautiful to work with and in our opinion have a certain magic (a je ne sais quoi, if you will) to them. They are bio-based and biodegradable; whole oils, CO2 extracts and absolutes in particular can be incredibly complex in their composition — sometimes varying from batch to batch. This, we feel, adds to the beauty and romance that is so alluring about botanicals.

How do Linen Tutu fragrances wear on the skin?

Linen Tutu fragrances wear intimately and have an elegant, understated presence about them. They are designed to be soft and subtle, yet effervescent.

While our fragrances are formulated at eau de parfum concentrations, they have the freshness of an eau fraiche. They are perfumes that aren’t perfume-y; instead, they feature aromas found in nature through an ethereal and bright lens.

What is the wear time of your perfumes?

This varies widely from person to person. Fragrance is made up of volatile molecules, and the speed at which these diffuse and evaporate depends largely on application area, skin type and body temperature. Porous surfaces tend to retain more fragrance over time, as does moisturized skin.

In general, our fragrances tend to last a minimum of 4-5 hours, and can last much longer on some.

Is your packaging sustainable? 

Our cylindrical outer packaging is 100% reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. It is made using FSC-certified paper and vegetable inks. Our perfumes are also always bottled in glass.

Please refer to your local guidelines for recycling.

Do you offer custom gifting options?

Yes! We get very excited about gift-giving. Please reach out to us at if you have a specific gifting request.