Dreamy, artisanal natural fragrances

Linen Tutu is a plant-based niche fragrance studio located in the Hudson Valley. Our debut perfume collection paints olfactive landscapes with natural ingredients known to support mood, sourcing inspiration from moments where scent played a role in eliciting joy, comfort, anticipation and reflection.

All four natural scents in the collection share an ethereal signature. They are soft like organic linen and gentle like cascading tulle.

  • plant-based


    We formulate with essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts and aroma molecules derived from renewable plant sources — and we disclose every ingredient in our formulas.

  • aromatherapist-made


    Each fragrance is blended by artisan perfumer and sensory designer Daniela Carrasco featuring aromatherapeutic ingredients that support mood.

  • sustainability-oriented


    Every decision we make is guided by our values, deeply rooted in long-term sustainability. We are always looking for ways to do more.

Linen Tutu founder Daniela

Behind the collection

Years in the making, Daniela designed the Linen Tutu collection as a way to explore the intersection of scent, emotion and time. Inspired by the beauty of natural raw materials and the power of scent as an art medium, she formulated four unique pieces which she now shares with you.

Each fragrance has a backstory that informed its ingredient palette and olfactive portrait. Head to Our Story and watch our intro video for a deeper glimpse into the inspiration.

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